OPTIMA Preliminary Results Presentation at WCRR 2022 (Birmingham 4th June 2022)

4 June 2022

During the WCRR 2022, Cecchetti presented the preliminary results of the project at the end of the development of the different modules of the Communication Platform Demonstration (CPD). Gabriele explained the Communication Platform Demonstrator (CPD) designed, developed and validated in OPTIMA to manage the link between the TMS applications and the different services. In particular, Gabriele focused his presentation on the progress of the development of the different modules of the CPD such as , the Integration supported by the standardized data structure of the Conceptual Data Model, the Rail Business Services related to the Radio Block Centres (RBC), Interlocking, Weather, Energy, Maintenance, Passenger Information System (PIS).

The World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) is the world’s largest international congress on railway research and this 13th Congress aims to provide opportunities for an overview of railway technical development and to discuss its future direction from the management perspective of the world’s railway operators. WCRR is the only cross-thematic congress in the world dedicated to the subject of innovation in the railway sector, addressing everyone from railway companies to industry and research institutions.

WCRR 2022, which was held in Birmingham, UK from 6 – 10 June 2022, was a major gathering for the global railway research and innovation community to exchange ideas, and also a great opportunity to present the technology of your organisation to railway experts from around the world.