4th International Conference on Reliability, Safety and Security of Railway Systems (Paris 1st & 2nd June 2022)

1 June 2022

On June1st, Airy Magnien from UIC presented during the session "Innovation in Traffic management" the paper "Formalization and Processing of Data Requirements for the Development of Next Generation Railway Traffic Management Systems" which was focused on the results of the Common Data Model (CDM) definition, activity performed within the WP6 of OPTIMA project.

The presentation was focused on introducing the CDM concept, an abstract and timeless representation of “the” railway system which consist in a platform-specific model (using JSON) and a platform-independent model (using UML), its implementation using UIC RailSystem Model as a backbone and extended it with the additional requirements consolidated in the project and the performed experimentation/validation.

The RSSRail conferences brings together researchers and engineers interested in building critical railway applications and systems. They are working conferences in which research advances are discussed and evaluated by both investigators and developers, focusing on their potential to be deployed in industrial settings. In this 4th Edition, the RSSRail 2022 addresses challenges such as the improvement of railway systems safety, security and reliability, the reduction of production costs, time to market and running costs, the increase of railway systems capacity and reduction of their carbon emissions.

Download the slides HERE